December 15, 2014

Every year 15th of december the malt-universe gets an early christmas present: The Malt Maniacs Awards. This years results could tell us more about the current triumph of asian.


So let's face the winners: Kavalan, Yoichi, Glen Grant, Kavalan, Kavalan, Blackadder Islay...

December 2, 2014







“And now the end is near….” And so we face the final curtain: Normaly I try to be objective when writing notes but this is my personal opinion now. My favourites of the year.



Scotch Whisky of the Year: Bowmore Darkest 15y
Single Malt of the Year (Multiple C...

November 23, 2014

Some recent Islay bottlings again! Bottles wich were discussed and speculated about a lot. Here are some short notes, if you are interested:


Octomore 6.3 "Islay barley" 64% 258ppm

The peat project has reached its destination: Jim McEwan opened a new chapter of malting....

November 5, 2014

"Year after year you should read my bible, you poor believer!", god said. But for the last 2000 years he never had to change his dictum but it's still read by billions of believers. But he's the only one in history to do so. Its way easier to gain readers by changing y...

November 1, 2014

Whats so fascinating about this XO statement. The beginning was made by just one bottling made fore duty free shop in Tel Aviv. They wanted their travel retail Aultmore from the "Old Particular" series to be named XO, probably for pricewise reasons. Ok so far, but Lain...

October 6, 2014

17th to 19th of october. During that weekend the the big fight of the Whisky fairs will be fought. May i present the competitors to you?


Whiskey & Lifestyle vs. Finest Spirits and Beer Convention vs. Aqua Vitae


Fred Schober, owner of Tara Whisky shop is celebrating his...

September 16, 2014

Last week some new SMWS bottlings hit town. A big thak you to Pit for giving me the opinion to taste them. Here are my impressions of the new bottlings.


2.89 "Slow coocked beef stew"

Amazingly there really is a little beef jus and coocked apple in it. Malt and Cider com...

August 24, 2014

Whisky, peated Whisky, the most peaty Whisky in the world, Gin and.....RUM!


Yes, multitalent Jim MacEwan can also do good Rum. Two Bottlings were done so far a 6y old Bourbon casked and a 10y old Bourbon casked with Chateu la Fleur wine cask finish.


Todays tasting is d...

August 20, 2014



This is what divided indipendent single malt bottlings from OB's for a long time. We love the independents for their prices, agestatements and the informations about origin, cask, etc...


But why of all broke my big...

August 20, 2013

Hey Folks,


after problems with my old host i'm back with a new page and a lot of articles waiting;-)


Letz Rock! Slainte máth!

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